Sonoma Wine – Valley of the Moon

Valley of the Moon Winery

If you read my blog (big shout out to all 3 of you), then I’m assuming that you don’t read for my extensive wine expertise. If you do, well sorry, I’m probably not living up to your expectations. If you aren’t a wine drinker, and I’m assuming you aren’t, I hope you will get a thing or two from this post.

Last week, my wife and I went on vacation to Sonoma, CA for our 5-year wedding anniversary. We chose Sonoma for a handful of reasons: Sonoma is wine country, and my wife’s adult beverage of choice is wine; Sonoma Valley is home to some great breweries, and my adult beverage of choice is beer; we heard it was less pretentious than Napa; we hadn’t been on a real vacation in over three years.

In short, Sonoma was great. We visited eight different wineries and three different breweries. I will write about my brewery experiences in another post. For now, I want to talk about the wine.

Coming into this trip, I had little knowledge about wine. Sure, I’d had a glass here and there, but I couldn’t appreciate the difference between a $10

bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a $40 bottle of Zinfandel. After this trip, I’m pretty sure that I could. I’m not going to go into detail on every winery that we visited, but I do want to give props to one of them in particular – Valley of the Moon Winery.

Per their website,

“Valley of the Moon Winery, as it exists today, is a testament to both vision and rebirth. The history and old walls remain, but the technology and styling is resolutely modern. This harmonious marriage of past and present provides the perfect environment to craft world-class wines.”

Valley of the Moon Barrel Room

The Barrel Room

I agree with this statement. The winery is beautiful and their wines were absolutely delicious. What’s more, our tasting host, Ryan, was incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of their wines and the winery itself. He took the time to explain all of the wines in detail and to answer all of my, what I’m assuming were, dumb questions.

I actually learned quite a bit from Ryan, and speaking to him made me appreciate wine makers in the same way I appreciate craft brewers. My preferred adult beverage of choice is still beer, but now I could see myself ordering a glass of wine at a restaurant that may have a below-average beer selection.

If you are planning a trip to Sonoma, I highly recommend stopping by Valley of the Moon Winery. Here are the other wineries that we visited (in no particular order).


  • Chateau St. Jean
  • Paradise Ridge
  • Deerfield Ranch
  • Benziger
  • Imagery
  • B.R. Cohn
  • Korbel

If you are curious about my experience at any of the wineries listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.


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